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How far can you take your startup idea in 2 months with funding and top-tier coaching?


Boost Turku Entrepreneurship Society is heating up the city by organizing Startup Journey accelerator program for ambitious teamswanting to make their ideas come true and set them on a path to growth.


The aim of Startup Journey is to give to a maximum of sixteen teams a mind-blowing experience in turning their own business idea into reality and founding a company. It will be a superb learning experience, guaranteed fun, and a chance to build something of your own. This year in Startup Journey there's also a special track designed for game teams with industry experts as coaches.



1. 1000 euros funding to cover the first expenses. 
2. Coaching from top-tier entrepreneurs and investors. 
3. Free working space with necessities at Boost Startup Farm. 
4. Support from Boost community and global startup network.


More information about applying on Boost Turku website.


Program running from 31.5.2014 to 15.8.2014.

Application period closes on 15.4.2014!


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Boost Turku Start-up Farm 


Application period is open now! APPLY TO STARTUP JOURNEY! 


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