NorWHO, Denmark, 7-10.8.2013

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NorWHO - The first simulation of the World Health Assembly in Copenhagen!


Theme: Mental Health
Date: August 7-10, 2013
Place: Copenhagen, Denmark
Who: 200 international students, and you?

Want a first-hand experience on how the WHO works?
NorWHO is an opportunity for you and your friends to put your negotiation skills to the test and
experience how international guidelines on global health are reached within the WHO setting.
The conference will simulate the debating and decision-making processes preceding and during
the annual World Health Assembly of WHO with the aim of reaching a final set of guidelines on
how to deal with Mental Health worldwide. The World Health Organisation is an agency of the
United Nations and was originally established in 1948 focusing on the prevention and control of
diseases of international concern and has since worked on raising the level of health globally.
Today the WHO resembles an understanding of health as being a shared responsibility, involving
equitable access to essential care and collective defence against transnational threats.
How will this go down?

When registering you choose what role to play. You can either represent a UN member state, a
non-governmental organisation, a pharmaceutical company, the press or have an official position
as vice-chair or secretary during the simulation. Through regional meetings, plenary sessions and
lobbying, your aim as a delegate is to ensure that the interests and views you represent are heard
and included in the final resolution on Mental Health. In addition to the simulation, NorWHO will
have international lectures and trainings on various global health diplomacy skills. This is done to
equip participants with the tools required to get the most out of the simulation and provide
maximal outcome of the experience.

No previous experience is needed except the wish to be with fellow vikings and learn a lot.
Prior to the conference you will prepare a position paper of the profile of your role, which will be
uploaded at our website for other participants to see. The first regional block will be based on this
position paper. We will provide a reading list of inspirational reports, articles etc. about the theme and global health governance.

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